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This notice is recommended for use by all third parties when dealing directly with the Diocesan Offices. A separate notice is available specifically for Parishioners of each Parish within the Diocese.


The Diocese of Derry recognises that the greatest of care must be taken when processing personal data about members of our Diocese, clergy, staff, volunteers and other third parties in contact with the Diocese. We understand that this is not a purely administrative task. The records we hold can have profound pastoral significance. Personal information is directly relatable to the dignity of human life, and the respect that every individual deserves must extend to information we hold about that individual.

The law provides 6 legal bases for processing data:

.1) Consent of the Individual

.2) Contractual Necessity

.3) Compliance with Legal Obligations

.4) Vital Interests of the Data Subject

.5) Performance of a Task in the Public Interest

.6) Legitimate Interests

Further conditions apply when processing 'Special Category' personal data, which includes data revealing religious or philosophical beliefs.

In the majority of instances, the information which we collect and store is of a basic, biographical nature such as contact details- name, address and telephone number but the work of the Church is wide-ranging and there are instances when additional information is necessary.

This notice sets out how we collect personal information about you, how we use, store and share it and how you can interact with us about it.


Who is the Data Controller?

•Legal responsibility for all decisions regarding the purpose and means of processing personal data rests with the 'Data Controller'.

•The Diocese of Derry and more specifically Derry Diocesan Trust is the Data Controller including when processing is carried out by its curial offices, Parishes and committees. It is important to note that Parishes form part of the Diocese and are not separate legal entities.

•Derry Diocesan Trust is a registered charity, (registration no. NIC105256).

•If you require any further information on this notice or data protection within the Diocese please contact: - Executive Director Diocesan Office, St Eugene's Cathedral, Francis Street, Derry BT48 9AP Tel: 028 71262302 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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