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Celebrating Vocation

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 Live here from 7:00pm

7:00 Bishop Donal in conversation with...
7:20 Daily Examen
7:30 Evening Mass from St Eugene's Cathedral
8:00 Rosary led by Bishop Donal

Bishop Donal in conversation with Fr Daniel McFaul, St Mary's Parish, Creggan.
Fr Daniel will share from his own experience of living a calling to priesthood, his own vocation story having entered seminary from the world of work.

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The Daily Examen

LIVE at 7:30pm
Evening Mass from St Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry.

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LIVE at 8:00pm
Rosary from St Eugene’s led by Bishop Donal followed by night prayer from St Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry.

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Caring for Our COMMON HOME

Diocese of Derry Environmental Strategy

The diocese environmental group 'Laudato Si Derry' are currently working on a diocesan environmental policy to help and support each of us in our parishes address the crisis of climate and biodiversity loss and care for God's creation.

We want your help

The draft proposal identities actions which the Diocese, Parishes and individual Parishioners might undertake towards addressing the crisis of climate and biodiversity loss.

Before publishing we want to consult as widely as possible and take due account of the comments and suggestions received as we continue working towards a finalised policy. You can have your say... [click for more information]

Latest News & Events around the Diocese

Scripture Saturday with Bishop Donal

The Diocese has developed a set of practical guidelines to help parishes in the diocese for the public celebration of Mass and the Sacraments.

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    St Columba, Patron Saint of Derry
    Born 520

    Announcements - Bishop Donal McKeown


    View our tutorial video on how to use Zoom in your parish
    We cover the Zoom screen icons, how to share screen, how to create an invitation, best lighting position and much more...

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    Listen to some great stories and initiatives from around the diocese


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    The Derry Diocesan Plan 2018–2021 sets out the path that we as a diocese hope to take in every parish community over the course of the next three years. Resources have been produced to assist parishes with the support they need to achieve their potential.

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