Diocese of Derry

Synod 2021-2023


The entire Catholic Church is called to participate in the upcoming Synod of Bishops! This Synod is entitled: “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission.”

Pope Francis has called the entire People of God to journey together. This Synod is not just another meeting with oral presentations and written reports. This Synod is a process of journeying together by listening, dialoguing, praying, discerning and making decisions together for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis is asking each local diocese to gather – clergy, religious and laity together- to listen to each other. The “goal” of this journeying together is not to create a new vision or pastoral plan with objectives. Rather, the goal of our journeying together is to be present with one another, to listen and learn with each other, and to grow closer to the Lord and His Church.

Synod on Synodality
All you need to know

Do you have questions regarding the Synod on Synodality? Here's all you need to know - right from what does synodality mean to what can you do.

What are we being asked to do?

The Holy Father, Pope Francis is asking that the entire Church participate in this Synod. The faithful, clergy and religious are invited to pray, listen, and talk together with the Bishops before the 2023 gathering of Bishops in Rome.  In our Diocese, we will pray, listen and talk with one another through parish and diocesan listening sessions.

"This is the start of our Synodal Journey"

Bishop Donal McKeown outlines the prayerful consultation process of Synodality, of walking together, of listening, of being led by the Holy Spirit to understand where the Lord is leading us.

Help for Parishes
Guidance and promotion materials

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Parish Preparation

The Handbook (Vademecum) Official Handbook for Listening and Discernment in Local Churches and the accompanying Preparatory Document.
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Parish Promotion

Promotion materials in the lead up to the start of the Synod process in our diocese.
Banners for Churches, Prayer Cards, Posters and more.
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Parish Listening

Listening guidance for Parishes, Facilitors, Notetakers and Participants.

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Diocese of Derry Synod on Synodality Timeline

October 2021


Appointment of Synod Diocesan Working Group.
Preparing materials for the consultation process.

October 2021

28 November 2021

Guided catechesis

Synodality as a journey in hope and expectation.
Guided catechesis each Sunday of Advent... view >
Sunday, 28th November, 5th, 12th and 19th December.

Early January 2022


Training for every parish Synod facilitation group.

Early January 2022

Sunday, 16 January 2022


Sunday 16th January 2022 to Sunday 13th February 2022.
Period of local consultation and listening sessions.

Latest Synod News

Contact Info

Diocesan Offices
St Eugene’s Cathedral
Francis Street, Derry
BT48 9AP | Tel: 028 7126 2302

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