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A fresh perspective on the First Christmas and why it matters for us today

Free 3 part video series 

SU Ireland and SU Scotland have teamed up to produce this free 3 part video series that provides a fresh perspective on the First Christmas and explores why it matters for us today.

About: 3 Episodes - Aimed at 9-14 year olds

Join Sarah Campbell, Darren Bourke and Mark Murray on a very unique and entertaining journey that highlights the true meaning of Christmas. Each episode is approx 7mins long.

Episode One: 'The Origins of Christmas' - This episode explores the why behind the glitz and glam of Christmas, considering how the first Christmas fits with the narrative of the Jewish faith. The Jewish people had been awaiting a Saviour for thousands of years since his coming was foretold in the Garden of Eden. All their history had pointed towards this unique moment in recorded history!

Episode Two: 'The Unexpected Christmas' - We eagerly look forward to Christmas each year, but that wasn't the case for most people for the very first Christmas because nobody knew it was coming! It was certainly a big surprise for Jesus' mum Mary to find out she would be the mother of the Messiah. How did she and her fiancé Joseph cope with this news? And is there actually a donkey in the Christmas story?!

Episode Three: 'The Meaning of Christmas' - Our knowledge of the Christmas story may stop with the baby in the manger, but this episode explores what happened next, between the first Christmas and the first Easter. Viewers are invited to consider what they believe about the meaning of Christmas.

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