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DYC Gap Year - An opportunity to support our young people in our diocese


The Derry Youth Community (DYC) support all of the youth activities within the Diocese of Derry. DYC are seeking new members to join. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend your gap year helping our young people grow and develop in their faith and contribute to the life of the Church.

DYC Gap Year

A DYC Gap Year is a faith based Gap Year opportunity for young adults aged between 18 - 25. The three main aspects of DYC Gap Year are: Accompaniment, Community and Encounter

As part of DYC, you will spend 10 months ministering to young people within the Parish of Templemore and throughout the whole of the Derry Diocese. You will spend your Gap Year living in community with other DYC members and work with and help our Youth Ministry Team deliver their exciting and dynamic faith programme. You will have the chance to develop and be formed in your catholic faith as an individual and within the community. 

  • Accompaniment - accompany the young people in our diocese as they learn about their faith
  • Community - living in a faith community with others the same age as you
  • Encounter - encounter Jesus through others and in the work that you do

As part of this Gap Year, you will not only be involved in faith, youth ministry and community, however, it will also be a chance for fun within the ministry, community life and social times. This Gap Year is a great opportunity for any young adult who wants to do something meaningful, and who has a passion for youth ministry and faith.

If you are...

  • Aged 18 - 25;
  • Finished second level education;
  • Want to be part of an exciting and dynamic faith community;
  • Want to explore and develop your faith; and
  • Willing to commit to live in a faith community for ten months starting in September... then we want to hear from you!

This Gap Year will start in September 2020. If you or someone you know might be interested in this Gap Year just get in touch. 

We are seeking new members to join our community in September. If you are up for the challenge we would love to hear from you.
Email us at:
Message us at: @DerryYouthCommunity
or click to download an application form

Diocese of Derry Youth Ministry Team 

Derry Youth Ministry Team are a busy team who work in the primary and secondary schools and parishes throughout the Diocese of Derry. The Diocese consists of 51 parishes with over 140 catholic primary and secondary schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As part of your DYC Gap Year you will be part of this Diocese of Derry youth ministry team as well as being part of the Templemore parish youth ministry team offering both online and offline ministry. 

The Youth Ministry Team and DYC delivers faith opportunities, festivals, outreach events and retreats enabling schools and parishes offer young people opportunities of engaging in their faith. DYC along with Youth Ministry Team encourage young people in our diocese to take part in local, national and international events. These opportunities help our young people grow and develop in their faith and contribute to the life of the Church.

Online and offline ministry 

To manage social distancing restrictions the Youth Ministry Team have developed a vibrant and exciting online faith development programme using Zoom, Instagram and Facebook as well as a fun and engaging offline face to face ministry with groups and classes. 

Check it out on: Instagram & Facebook

Yes, we're like this everyday! Are you up for the challenge? Hover packs will be supplied!

Do Something Amazing! Be part of DYC

DYC team members live and work together for 10 months, September to June, ministering to young people in schools and parishes within the Derry Diocese. 

  • The DYC is founded by and always accountable to the Bishop of Derry
  • The Circle of Care Group guides the community through support, reflection and management. This group is appointed by the Bishop of Derry.
  • The community leader has responsibility for the day to day life and work of the community.
  • The community facilitator trains the young people for retreat work; organises School Retreats; gives school retreats with the young people; liaises with the Co-ordinator for Youth Ministry.
  • The core community is the group of young people who have committed for ten months.

Do something amazing! If you are up for the challenge we would love to hear from you today!
Email us at:
Message us at: @DerryYouthCommunity
or click to download an application form

More on what you could be doing

Check DYC out 

Check Diocese Youth Ministry out

Instagram: DerryYouth
Facebook: DerryDiocesanYouth

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