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November - Family prayer to remember those who have died

Each November we gather as a Christian Community to remember those who have gone before us and to offer our consolation and support to those among us who have been recently bereaved.  

Family Prayer for November 

For November a prayer booklet has been created for families to highlight the month as a time to remember and pray for our dearly departed.

In the booklet, the feast days in November are marked out along with a family prayer service, instructions to prepare a sacred space in the home and some prayers for this special period. You are encouraged to use and share this booklet to mark this month of remembrance with some time for prayer together.

May it bring comfort, solace and the light of Christ to many people during the coming days and weeks.


This booklet is available in artwork ready format for a commercial printer to use. The specification is 8pp A4 with crop marks. Best printed on 120 - 150gsm uncoated stock. Stapled twice to fold to A4. Click here to download the booklet artwork.

A resource to support parishes in praying for the deceased and caring for the bereaved.

Parish Resource for November

Scripture readings
Prayers at the resting place

Prayers for each day of November 
For sharing on Social Media


1. Click prayer
2. On window that opens, right click the prayer > save image to your PC
3. Open Facebook or Instagram
4. Select the image to share!

These resources for November have been created by the Northern Pastoral Network, a group of laity, clergy and religious. The Northern Pastoral Network which is comprised of: Archdiocese of Armagh, Dioceses of Clogher, Derry, Down & Connor, Dromore, Kilmore and Raphoe.

Homily - World Day of Peace - Bishop McKeown

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