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Our Family's New Year Resolutions for 2018

Our Family's New Year Resolutions for 2018

New Year's Eve or New Year's Day - families talking (for just 30 minutes). An opportunity to look back together on the year gone by and look forward to the year ahead.

✓ Here are five easy steps for having a family chat that can result in up to three New Year's resolution that the whole family can commit to for the year ahead.

✓ Use this moment to foster communications and make decisions that build family life.

✓ Gather the family around the table or any place where you can talk to each other.

✓ One person leads the conversation by asking the questions below - give about 5-6 minutes to each question. Ensure every person in the family has a chance to speak.

STEP 1 - Looking back on 2017 - is there a family moment that I remember? • A fun moment… • A lovely moment… • A sad moment… • A moment I'll never forget!

STEP 2 - Looking forward to 2018 - what would I love for us as a family? • Something we might do… • Something we might stop doing…

STEP 3 - Is there anything in what Pope Francis says here about families that strikes me? • Always remember to say please, thanks and sorry - doing this in the good times helps in the bad times • If anyone has a success let's all celebrate - if anyone is in trouble let's all help • We all need our own space - let's respect that for each other • Practice forgiving - let's be slow to judge one another • Listen to one another's stories - especially across the generations • The family that prays together stays together

STEP 4 - In light of what we have all chatted about is there one resolution I'd love us to make for the coming year? • Can we make our suggestions? • Can we list these?

STEP 5 - From all we have heard which resolutions can we all sign up to? • Can we write these up in simple, concrete language on our family New Year's Resolutions sheet? * • Where will we place the sheet that we can all see it in our house?

*Keep the resolutions concrete, so that you will know whether they are done or not. Keep them realistic so that you have a good chance of success. An example of a concrete, realistic resolution might be - We will celebrate each birthday is 2018 by having a meal together during the week of that birthday.

Click for Family New Year Resolutions Sheet
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