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Young Diocesan Ambassadors commissioned by Bishop Donal - Wednesday 13th February 2019

Young Diocesan Ambassadors commissioned by Bishop Donal - Wednesday 13th February 2019

The Diocese of Derry, very keen that faith and Church are a meaningful part of young people's lives, held its first meeting of young diocesan ambassadors on Wednesday 13th February in the conference room of Saint Eugene's Cathedral. To enable the diocese to better hear the voice of the young, 40 young people from Catholic Post Primary Schools, who were commissioned recently at the Annual Catholic Schools Week Mass, met with Bishop Donal McKeown to begin to share the views of young people in their school and parish communities.Meeting once a term, the forum gives young people a valuable opportunity to talk directly with the Bishop and the Diocesan Youth Ministry team and to highlight issues which are important to young people today. The young people present bring a range of different religious experiences to this forum.

During their inaugural meeting, the group discussed their current perspective on the Church. They were asked to highlight the principal concerns for their generation, and worked with the Diocesan Youth Ministry team to suggest some practical ways in which the Church could further support young people impacted by any of these issues.

Prayer for Diocesan Ambassadors 

Dear Lord, We come here today as young leaders blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Guided by that Spirit, help us use our gifts and talents to contribute to a loving and inclusive Church. 

You have blessed us with the gift of wisdom to plan for the future of our Church. 

Blessed us with understanding that we may celebrate differences of background and opinion. 

Blessed us with counsel that we may discern our vocation as members of the Church. 

Blessed us with courage to be beacons of hope in our schools and communities. 

Blessed us with knowledge to share what is good with others. 

Blessed us with virtue to always do what is right. 

Blessed us with awe to appreciate our life and the contribution we can make to this Diocese. 

As Pope Francis said, we are not the future of the Church, but the present. 

Conscious of our own place and time, allow us to build the Church our generation needs. 

Together, may we use this opportunity to turn our dreams and aspirations into a reality. 


Re-opening of St Mary’s Church, Clonmany

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